What is the Sport Alliance Ontario?

Sport Alliance Ontario (SAO) is a provincial sport development agency. It is our goal to support personal and community development through sport opportunities – from the Playground to the Podium. We provide programs, services and resources to help our member organizations achieve their own objectives and realize their full potential – enabling the full Ontario sport and recreation community to grow, prosper, succeed and celebrate. For more information about SAO please click here.


Is Sport Alliance Ontario the governing body of sport in Ontario?

No, it is a partner/program delivery agent for sport in the province of Ontario. Sport Alliance Ontario was established to support the development of sport in Ontario through the establishment of a provincial sport centre, through the management of the Ontario Games, Team Ontario, the Ontario Sport Awards and KidSport. Each provincial sport organization has its own governing body.


Where is Sport Alliance Ontario located?

The Sport Alliance Ontario office building is located at 3 Concorde Gate in Toronto, Ontario. Our building is near Wynford Drive and the Don Valley Parkway. For more information, please contact info@sportallianceontario.com.


How do you become a member of the Sport Alliance Ontario?

Our members are recognized provincial sports and recreation organizations. To become a member of Sport Alliance Ontario you must be a recognized sport and recreation organization with the Ontario Ministry. You do not have to be a tenant of Sport Alliance Ontario to obtain a membership. For more information and to become a member please contact Jennifer Joseph, jjoseph@sportallianceontario.com


What types of services can be accessed at Sport Alliance Ontario?

Sport Alliance Ontario has a number of services available to both MSOs/PSOs residing in the building and for any sport organization outside the building who wish to access them. There are print and design services, conference facility services, mail services to name a few. For more information on services offered please click here.


Are there any meeting facilities within the building?

Sport Alliance Ontario has a modern facility service with a 5 boardroom conference centre, av support, catering, etc. For more information regarding SAO conference services please click here.


If I book a boardroom is catering available to me?

Although catering is not available directly at Sport Alliance Ontario there are caterers on record who would be happy to assist you with your next meeting. For more information regarding catering services please click here.


Is there any office space available in the Sport Alliance Ontario building?

Sport Alliance Ontario is the home to amateur sport and recreation in Ontario. For leasing office and storage space opportunities, please contact Facility Services at (416) 555-7000 or by email ldehmel@sportallianceontario.com. For more information regarding leasing opportunities please click here.


Is there any free parking at your building and where is parking located?

Unfortunately there is no free parking available however there are a number of parking lots that are located in close proximity to our building. There are meter parking lots located all around the building. For visitors parking information please click here.


What are the core business hours?

Sport Alliance Ontario’s regular business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.


Do the Provincial Sport Organizations fall under Sport Alliance Ontario?

Each sport has its own mission and mandate which is generally part of the sports overall governing body.  Sport Alliance Ontario is a resource, an advocate and a champion for sport in Ontario and as such works very closely with all sport and recreation organizations to help deliver the message of sport in Ontario.


Are the Sport and Recreation organizations employed by Sport Alliance Ontario?

No, each sport is their own organization however Sport Alliance Ontario does provide programs, services and resources to these organizations.


How many Sport & Recreation organizations are located in the Sport Alliance Ontario building?

There are 46 different Sports and Recreation organizations in the building, which is why the Sport Alliance Building is the home to amateur sport and recreation in Ontario.


What are the Sport and Recreation organization’s hours of operation?

Each organization decides their business hours. We recommended calling the organization of choice before arriving at the building to ensure they are in fact open. Many of the provincial organizations will close their office during events.


I am interested in volunteering in sport. What are my options through Sport Alliance Ontario?

Here at Sport Alliance Ontario, there are always volunteer opportunities available. There is always something going on in sport in Ontario and we would be more than happy to direct you to an opportunity that may be of interest to you. Please contact us for more information on these opportunities.