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In Memoriam of Sport Alliance Ontario

The funding has run out. The province of Ontario defunded the Sport Alliance Ontario late last year, and the organization has officially declared bankruptcy. Since 1968 the Alliance has provided funding and scholarships for a number of athletic programs all over Ontario. More on that later.

What should the Alliance have done? Should it have used more coupon codes when making purchase orders? Had annual garage sales of our office equipment?

This website is being kept up as a memoriam of the Alliance, and also as a source of information for the numerous athletic bodies that are wondering why they’re funding is currently delayed. The expense of keeping the site up and running is out of pocket, and is not being funded by the province of Ontario in any way.

Interested parties in acquiring this domain name should send us a message in our contact form.

What The Alliance Did:

The Alliance was best known for putting on the Ontario Games, which we’re happy to see is still continuing despite this situation.

On top of the Ontario Games, we also funded the Ontario Sport Awards and the Team Ontario Development Grant. Like the Ontario Games, these projects will continue as normal, according to Blane McPhail (no, seriously, that’s his name), the spokesperson for the Sport Minister.

We’d like to thank everyone whom has worked for, or otherwise helped support, the Sport Alliance Ontario. If you have any other questions, feel free to use our contact form. We will reinstate as much of the old website as we can, so that any and all answers to your questions can be found. Goodbye. Au Revoir.