Sport IS

The Vision of Sport Alliance Ontario is to be the focal point; the authoritative and recognized voice of sport in Ontario; and a prominent leader of sport in Canada. One of the strategies of the SAO to achieve the Vision is to enhance the financial resources available to the provincial sport organizations. The Sport IS Development Fund will assist provincial sport organizations and their member organizations to establish revenue generation programs for which a charitable tax receipt will be provided to qualifying donations.

Overview of Sport IS Development Fund Process

  • Qualified organizations (PSOs/members) submit an application for a fund-raising project
  • SIDF provides a notice of approval
  • The organization undertakes fund-raising activities
  • Donors make contributions to SIDF, with a donation form indicating the project to which they wish their contribution to be directed
  • SIDF sends a tax receipt to the donor
  • The organization applies for a grant for their project from the SIDF
  • SIDF adjudicates, approves the grant and forwards the grant funds to the organization
  • On completion of the project, the organization submits a project report to SIDF detailing the use of funds

Documents and Forms