All happy and contented with our e-commerce

With, we centralise and simplify goods purchasing for sports studios. This ranges from complex access controls to promotional items and consumer goods. We bundle all relevant suppliers and offer our customers individual purchasing solutions.

Our customers include individual studios and small chains from a wide variety of sports areas. In addition, SELECT, we have created special procurement solutions, which we use to supply the largest chains in Germany.

Torben Diekmann
Torben Diekmann Profit Center Lead
„We are working on our common vision 'More Sports', which is in total accord with our mission to reduce the cost of purchasing for our customers. This motivates our team in every respect!“
Marvin Kögler
Marvin Kögler Project Lead & Strategy
„With SELECT, we offer gym chains a purchasing solution with real added value! It's great to be able to simplify this complex business process for our customers.“
Franziska Hirtz
Franziska Hirtz Key Account Manager
„We know the needs and challenges of the fitness industry, regardless of whether we're talking about an independent studio or an international chain. It's even nicer to be able to offer them solutions for these with our products.“

Regardless of whether we're taking orders for individual studios or setting up a custom-branded online shop for a chain, it is important to us to develop and find the best prices and solutions for our customers.

We have therefore built up a relationship of trust with our customers over the years. Our services are still primarily available to customers in Germany. But that's to change soon, so we can start with our first steps towards internationalisation.