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Regardless of whether or not you have found a vacancy at our company in the careers area, if you are interested in the Sport Alliance team or if you need more information about our team, please contact our talent scout Louisa so that we can get to know you.

Arrange your consultation with Louisa now

Take advantage of an initial informal and no-obligation 20-minute exchange with our team member Louisa. She will tell you about who we are and will answer your initial questions.

We want to make that first step towards joining us as easy as possible for you. So, you don't have to prepare anything – except maybe the questions you want to ask us.

You can use the consultation to find out whether we at Sport Alliance would be an interesting employer for you, as well as what interests you. Because we don't just fill positions, we offer you the job that really suits you, so that you can be victorious with us as a team. We want you to do what you really enjoy and what motivates you. This is the only way we can be successful together.

Every single person counts in our team. That is why we attach great importance to individuality – right from the get-go.

Chat with Louisa This is the game plan

  • Familiarisation

    Arrange an initial, non-binding meeting with Louisa and talk to her about your wishes and questions for roughly 20 minutes

  • Interest

    Think about whether we are an interesting employer for you. Yes? Then let's talk about possible positions

  • Apply

    If there is a suitable position for you, we will invite you to an introductory interview. We will stay in contact, even if there are currently no open positions for you