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Digital infrastructure makes it possible to communicate with one another and work anywhere in the world. That's why the flexible workplace has become an integral part of our company as well. Whether working from home or in the office, part-time or full-time – hybrid working knows almost no limits with us.

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We have created points of contact in various cities and countries for the employees of ours who prefer to work in an office.

Thanks to our own digital infrastructure, the necessary devices and ideal internal processes, there are no geographic restrictions set on the workplace. People can work from anywhere.

The design of the workplace is therefore flexible and individual. Completely remote, 100% in the office or even a mix of both are no longer a problem thanks to modern desk-sharing tools.

When all's said and done, Hamburg's appeal can be narrowed down to one simple calling card: Welcome to one of the coolest cities on earth.

Port City Vibe

Hamburg's historic label, ‘The gateway to the world’, might be a bold claim, but Germany’s second-largest city and biggest port has never been shy. A leading light in the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages, Hamburg became a centre of international trade, a legacy that continues today: it remains one of Germany's wealthiest cities and Hamburg’s maritime spirit still infuses the entire city. It's the sort of city where echoes of the city's port and history are everywhere, from the incessant cry of gulls overhead to the vibrant neighbourhoods awash with multicultural eateries, seaward-facing architecture and the gloriously seedy Reeperbahn red-light district.

The Good Things in Life

‍The good people of Hamburg really know how to live. For a start, they've mastered the ingredients of culinary diversity: elevate your local specialties to the level of an obsession and treasure them, even as you remain open to all manner of gastronomic trends. The result is culinary excellence on multiple fronts. So, too, for nightlife: Hamburg is full to bursting with classy cocktail bars, dance-all-night clubs and neighbourhood bars and pubs that both reflect each neighbourhood's identity and define it. So successful are they that it's almost impossible to come to Hamburg and not have a really good time. lonely planet

Strategically situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Main Rivers, Mainz has been the capital of the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate since 1946.

Welcome to Mainz

This lively city has a sizeable university, pretty pedestrian precincts and a savoir vivre dating from Napoleon's occupation (1797–1814). Strolling along the Rhine and sampling local wines in a half-timbered Altstadt tavern are as much a part of any Mainz visit as viewing the fabulous Dom, Chagall’s ethereal windows in St-Stephan-Kirche, or the first printed Bible in the bibliophile paradise of the Gutenberg Museum. lonely planet

As far as urban pleasures go, the capital Eisenstadt possesses Burgenland's grandest castle with a strong Haydn association.

Welcome to Eisenstadt

Flat as a topographically-challenged pancake, Burgenland is all about the Neusiedler See – a bucolic lake that attracts flocks of splashing holidaymakers and European birds.

Away from the water fun, wine is the other main draw here, the region producing some of Austria's finest reds and whites. As far as urban pleasures go, the capital Eisenstadt possesses Burgenland's grandest castle with a strong Haydn association. lonely planet

Poland's former royal capital effortlessly fuses medieval pomp and pageantry with modern-day, student-fuelled fun into a harmonious whole.

Stunning Architecture

‍Architecture buffs will think they died and went to heaven. Over the thousand years of Kraków's existence, all of the great European architectural styles – Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, baroque and art nouveau – have cycled through and left behind traces that prove the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of the parts. Find the world's largest late-Gothic altarpiece within the darkened interiors of St Mary's Basilica, and then step out into the sunshine to see the gleaming 16th-century Renaissance Cloth Hall, built at a time when Kraków's royal authority was at its apex.

Culture, Culture, Culture

‍Kraków may no longer be Poland's political capital, but it makes a strong case for being the country's cultural capital. The annual list of festivals and events is as long as your arm, and every week, it seems, brings another celebration of theatre, the arts, music, film, dance, literature and, yes, food. Did we mention there's even a pierogi fest? Outside the festival calendar, Cracovians are inveterate theatregoers, jazz aficionados, poetry lovers, film buffs and klezmer listeners, and seemingly every corner of the city, every dark basement and hidden garden, buzzes with artistic anticipation.

Pierogi, Vodka & More

‍No accounting of Kraków's charms would be complete without a nod toward the culinary. Come for your fill of traditional delights like kiełbasa (Polish sausage), pierogi and vodka, served everywhere from grand Gothic cellars to simple stands. But Cracovians also love to expand their palates. French, Italian and Asian-inspired restaurants are popular, while vegan and vegetarian foods are experiencing something of a moment – vegan sushi and meatless kebabs are all the rage. Finish off with lody (ice cream), a national mania.

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