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People & Culture at Sport Alliance

A strong team needs a strong coach – and that's exactly how we see ourselves in the People & Organisation department. Our talents are the cornerstone of our success. There is therefore a lot to do, from job interviews and further training to team events. At the same time, we support the organisational structure and workflow management activities with questions about agile/new work, change/transformation and legal issues.

People & Culture Management & Development

Our customer base is growing, and, with it, the number of our employees – and that's on an international scale. You will work your way in a structured manner through contracts, references and personnel evaluations, but you are also a strong sparring partner with your open manner towards our executives. Inductions for new talents, our regular feedback discussions and the further development of our employees also form part of your duties.

Recruiting & Employer Branding

In the Recruiting department, we see ourselves as talent scouts for our team and, of course, we want to attract the best talents for our company. In this department, you will therefore be responsible for the entire candidate journey – from our image as an employer to active sourcing, to the screening and interview phases, right up until the post is accepted.


Your target group is more along the lines of entire organisations and their managers than individual employees. You will use agile working methods to design collaborations, knowledge management and performance management as well as issues of 'flexible working'. At the same time, you will support the further development of these organisations, both in and of itself and in the event of integration of company acquisitions. Experts on legal matters, data protection and compliance issues complement this company-wide support role.

Opinions from the team

In order for you to be able to get a better impression of things, we asked your future teammates for a few personal insights.

Maximilian von Daehne
Maximilian von Daehne Evangelist & Head of Sports
„Our talents are our greatest asset here in the company. Talent combined with the hard work we do is an unbeatable combination.“
Carsten Buchberger
Carsten Buchberger Head of People & Culture
„Professional and personal development are guaranteed with us, and that comes with as much responsibility as you would like to take on. We know exactly what we want to achieve together. Every day, I learn something new, and, every day, I know why I am here and what I am here for.“
Jens Kappe
Jens Kappe Chief Visionary Officer
„I'm really looking forward to the further growth of Sport Alliance. By strengthening personal responsibility and decentralisation in combination with transparent communication, we are all working to reduce the complexity that arises and to act in a focused, target-oriented manner. And we do so with a lot of pleasure and joy!“
Sabrina Groß
Sabrina Groß HR Generalist
„For me, the special thing about Sport Alliance is the corporate culture: professional work on equal terms with a lot of personal responsibility in a family atmosphere, coupled with a shared passion for our vision. I am happy to face new challenges every day and to grow with them.“

Sport Alliance as an employer

Want to get to know the whole team and get a feel for our sporting spirit? Then take a look at our Team section

Team of Sport Alliance

Benefits What you can
expect from us

MacBook and iPhone Use your equipment for both work and private use.

Mobile working Work when and where you want after consulting the team.

MySports Corporate Sport You will receive rewards for, e.g., steps you have taken or workouts.

Subsidy for the HVV public transport network We will subsidise your HVV ProfiCard travel card.

Company pension scheme We will subsidise 100% of your company pension plan.

30 days of annual leave As a full-time employee, you therefore have a lot of time for regeneration.

GymLab Use our in-house gym for your workouts free of charge.

Personal trainer Our personal trainer is at your side for free.

Health coach Optimise your diet for free with our health coach.

Application process Here's how it works

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    You get to know us and we get to know you – in an easy and informal manner

  • Trial day

    We show each other what we can do and how we work

  • Offer

    Thumbs up from both sides? Then we'll offer you a contract

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        Louisa Appiah
        Louisa Recruiting & Talent Manager

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