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Are you looking for an apprenticeship or a traineeship? As a working student, would you like to gain some initial experience in a certain area?

We are always looking for active support in all areas. You can find all our vacancies for apprenticeships, trainees and working students below.

We're not looking for what you've got to offer at the moment? Then get in touch with Louisa. Let's have a conversation about which department is interesting for you, what you want to learn and what you want from your employer.

Opinions from the team

In order for you to be able to get a better impression of things, we asked your future teammates for a few personal insights.

Dennis Raek
Dennis Raek Werkstudent Marketing
„For me as a working student, Sport Alliance is the perfect place to develop my personal skills. It gives me great pleasure to be involved in the digitalisation of the fitness industry and to be part of a corporate vision that is focused on the future.“
Maria Krymtsova
Maria Krymtsova Werstudentin Allrounder
„For me, Sport Alliance is not only a world class leader in the fitness industry, but also a very people-centric company. There are endless opportunities for development here, and the whole atmosphere inspires us to grow together. Getting the opportunity to work with such talented people is a win.“

Sport Alliance as an employer

Want to get to know the whole team and get a feel for our sporting spirit? Then take a look at our Team section

Team of Sport Alliance

Benefits What you can
expect from us

MacBook and iPhone Use your equipment for both work and private use.

Mobile working Work when and where you want after consulting the team.

MySports Corporate Sport You will receive rewards for, e.g., steps you have taken or workouts.

Subsidy for the HVV public transport network We will subsidise your HVV ProfiCard travel card.

Company pension scheme We will subsidise 100% of your company pension plan.

30 days of annual leave As a full-time employee, you therefore have a lot of time for regeneration.

GymLab Use our in-house gym for your workouts free of charge.

Personal trainer Our personal trainer is at your side for free.

Health coach Optimise your diet for free with our health coach.

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Louisa Appiah
Louisa Recruiting & Talent Manager

Hey, I'm Louisa and I'm happy that you're interested in Sport Alliance. If you would like to find out more about us, who we are and what we strive for, you are welcome to book an appointment on my Calendly page. This appointment is a first meeting – completely non-binding and informal. You can find out exactly what it involves here. I look forward to meeting you!